Walmart Urges Use of "Greener Chemicals" in Beauty

At its recent Global Sustainability Milestone Meeting, Walmart highlighted its progress with the Sustainability Index and outlined key initiatives where it can use its size and scale to help address hot spots and accelerate progress in supply chain sustainability, including in the beauty marketplace.

“We’ve reached an acceleration point where we are moving from measurement to results. We’re starting to really drive progress with the Index,” Walmart president and CEO Mike Duke said. “This is about trust and value. Using less energy, greener chemicals, fewer fertilizers and more recycled materials—all of this is the right thing to do for the planet, and it’s right for our customers and our business.”

Among its five new sustainability initiatives, Walmart is offering products with "greener" chemicals. Walmart provided an overview of its new Consumables Chemicals initiative, describing how it is working with suppliers to reduce or eliminate the use of priority chemicals used in consumables products in favor of greener alternatives. It will begin with household cleaning, personal care, beauty and cosmetic products, asking suppliers to transition to greener substitutes for priority chemicals.

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