Datamonitor Consumer Releases Insights on Top 2015 Beauty Trends

The recently launched “Snapshot: Beauty Trends to Watch in 2015” report outlines six key trends that Datamonitor Consumer expects to gain traction in 2015. These trends emerged in 2014, and are likely to impact the beauty industry by influencing future innovations and represent high potential avenues for brands to explore.

The trends are not listed below in order of preference or magnitude, but are simply numbered in the order that they appear in this presentation.

  1. “Smarter” skin care: Predictive skin care devices that incorporate skin diagnostics to pre-empt skin conditions and promote long-term skin health and appearance.
  2. Photo-ready cosmetics: Cosmetics designed to improve appearance for photo occasions and selfies.
  3. “Hair-ceuticals” and beyond: More granular beauty “cures” for a wider range of concerns in new categories.
  4. Perfumes plus: Multifunctional fragrances that feature beauty benefits such as for the skin (anti-aging, primer, illumination).
  5. Bi-directional beauty: Combining nutricosmetics with cosmeceuticals to create complete inside and out solutions.
  6. DNA customization: Tailoring products using individual DNA samples and analysis to create completely customized beauty solutions.

Additional insights on these trends will also be shared in upcoming issues of GCI magazine.

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