The Skinny: Curology Releases Results of Skin Care Study


Curology has released the results of a survey focusing on skin care routines, habits and preferred products.

The survey showcases the different ways in which men and women approach skin care. It was conducted online across 1,001 respondents ages 18 and over. Among the key findings:

On old wives tales:

  • Almost 30% of respondents think that eating chocolate can make acne worse.
  • 22.3% of people think that coconut oil is a good solution for breakout-prone skin.
  • The majority of respondents (65.9%) of men and women think that pores can shrink, open or close, when, in actuality, pore size is genetic; they cannot be shrunk or go away.
  • Nearly 40% of people believe sweat directly causes acne, when, in actuality, sweat and humidity can aggravate breakouts by giving bacteria on the skin a better environment to grow.
  • Just over half (54.7%) of respondents believe unwashed pillowcases can worsen acne; Curology recommends changing your pillowcase once a week due to product residue and oil buildup.

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On skin care time:

  • 28.1% of people ages 18–34 said they spend more than on their daily skin care routine than they do reading the news.
  • 24.2% of people said they use 3–4 total skin care products daily; among those 18–34 years old, this number goes up to 32.2%.
  • 9.1% of women use five or more skin care products per day.
  • 62.5% of women think it is very important to have their skin care items tailored to address their specific needs.
  • 35% of people claim to cleans and moisturize at least once a day; that number increases to 41.6% when looking exclusively at women.

Male skin care:

  • Nearly 32% of men spend more time on their daily skin care routine than they do cleaning their room or working out.
  • 84.5% of men use 0–2 skin care products daily.
  • 25.5% of men do not cleanse or moisturize at all; an additional 7.3% of men do not think it is important to cleanse after a workout, sex, spending time outdoors or waking up and before going to bed…
  • … but 35.3% say they cleanse and/or moisturize at least once a day.

Product prioritization:

  • The majority (57.9%) of people ages 18–34 years old would rather give up Instagram or listen to Donald Trump speeches on repeat than go a year without their favorite beauty products.
  • 33.8% of people ages 13–34 would either gain 10 pounds or give up Netflix before going a year without their favorite product.

“The results from this survey underscore the reason why I created Curology—everyone deserves to feel at home and comfortable in their own skin,” said David Lortscher, M.D., founder and CEO of Curology. “We know how much men and women care about the well-being of their skin and see first-hand the vast variations in routines and product usage.”

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