Editor's Note: Captivating Consumers


Novelty may move cosmetic products off the shelf, but hedonic experiences tap into consumer emotion, ensuring greater success and loyal returns. However, a more recent approach to consumer engagement takes this to the next level: experiential marketing.

As the marketing firm Agency EA reports,1 spending on experiential marketing, defined as “the convergence of media platforms and channels to shape the way consumers experience brands,” was at US $562 billion in 2015; that’s billion with a b. This market is projected to grow to $743 billion by the year 2020. Why? According to the group, “The power of one-sided mass advertising is waning in the era of customization.”

The very nature of cosmetics is intimately immersed in consumer experience. Engineers shape striking package concepts to engage the user’s touch. Perfumers seduce user curiosity with compulsory, sniff-driving scents. Cosmetic scientists captivate with the touch of exotic, soothing and surprising formulas. In fact, as Daniels explained, technology has enabled science to cross all these cues for unexpected effects.

The Nov/Dec 2018 issue is dedicated to the art of crafting sensory cues and benefits into personal care formulations. First, we see the blurring and soft-focus effects of pigments from new angles. Confirmation of the conditioning and hair-softening properties of silicones in hair—and negation of pore-clogging and dye- and perm-affecting claims—is demonstrated by Tsujino. Also, a profiling technique to capture the feel and sensory effects of emollients in skin care is validated by Marque.

Finally, fully embracing this strategy of enhancing user experience, we at Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) have added audio, video, archives, expanded and interactive content, exclusive articles and more to our digital edition. Have you noticed? Be sure to engage in these bonus formats; there’s so much more to your C&T experience. Don’t miss out!


1. https://agencyea.com/thinking/insights/value-experiential-marketing/
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