Editor's Note: A Peek into Bath and Shower Care


Let’s get personal. How long do you spend in the shower? One study1 found women in the U.K. spend ~10 min, whereas men are closer to 15 min. What about for daily grooming and prepping? In a Huffington Post/YouGov poll,2 18% of men and 9% of women surveyed reported 10 min or less; in the 10–30 min range, however, genders were more evenly split (52% each). On a daily basis, this adds up as consumers cycle through and layer any number of products for health, hygiene and beauty.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the global market for bath and shower products—including shower gels, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, body scrubs, bubble baths and bath soak products—is expected to expand at a respectable 3.7% CAGR between 2017 and 2022 to reach US $48 billion.3 Research firm FactMR attributes this growth to rising concerns over skin and hair quality, especially in the West.

It may also coincide with the anti-pollution movement, which translates to cleansing products that purge the body of pollutants. Moreover, growing demand for natural and organic bath and shower products, tied to the health and wellness macro trend, is creating new opportunities; as are rising standards of living in emerging markets and an increasing consumer awareness of hygiene.

As such, this month Cosmetics & Toiletries will peek into the bath/shower scene—in a wholesome way, with a focus on issues fundamental to bath and body care. From formulating cost-effective sensory experiences, and cleansing and protecting skin, to reducing shine and acne, boosting skin hydration and managing microbiology. We even spritz in a fragrance refresher. Won’t you spend 30 min (or more) with us to prep for your R&D day?


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