Digging into the DIY Trend: Devices

This year’s HBA Global Expo featured a session on dynamics of the growing do-it-yourself (DIY) beauty consumer. Karen Doskow, of Kline & Company, noted, "convenience and a certain economic rationalism are motivating consumers to bring home the beauty experience.”

A key component is the importance of using science, technology and design to create valuable at-home personal care experiences. Rahul Mehendale, CEO of mySkin, explained how home-based DIY diagnosis can be further augmented by social proof.

“The power to measure skin in the hands of the DIY consumer is going to dramatically change the marketing messages of brands,” says Mehendale. “Not only will it further force product efficacy, but more importantly, they will join forces with diagnostic device makers to better customize their products to specific consumer needs versus generic tastes.”

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