Sun Care Bringing More to the Table

In a blog post from Kline & Company, the company writes, "Aging is the leading skin care condition in the United States, followed by hyperpigmentation. With both of these skin care conditions exacerbated by overexposure to the sun, it is telling that market segments addressing these conditions posted solid gains in 2012, growing by over 4%."

Recently, a trend in up-market sunscreens is to include tint. Further, according to the post, "although spray-on sun care products are popular, there are rising concerns among consumers about the dangers associated with the inhalation of the nano particles released when these products are sprayed." Natural and organic products also continue to gather momentum in the sun category but there are currently no 100% natural sunscreen formulations in the market.

Lastly, the blog notes that the new U.S. regulations, which came into effect in December 2012, mean that companies can no longerclaim waterproof, sweat proof, or all day protection, and products must pass UVA and UVB tests in to claim broad spectrum protection. "These regulations are likely to lead to changes during the coming years,” concluded Kline.

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