Beauty Devices Ready to Boom

The at-home beauty devices market is pulsing with potential, and currently encompasses acne elimination, cleansing, fine lines/wrinkle treatment, facial and body firming/toning, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and cellulite reduction. However, despite a nearly 22% global growth in 2012, with underdeveloped markets such as anti-aging and cellulite/body toning yet to be truly addressed, the market’s potential is still being realized, reported Kline & Company.

Further, the ease of which devices are launched varies with national authorities, some of which establish strict acceptance criteria. The expansion of sales channels and distribution networks also affect future market growth. Here, too, the disparity between regions affords both insight into market positioning and product perception, and reveals much untapped potential.

For instance, mass market outlets generate more than 50% of sales in Europe and 45% in Japan, with the latter including home appliance stores and chain electronics stores. In the United States, direct sales is the leading channel of distribution, representing near 50% of total sales.

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