Editor's Note: Kindness = Wellness


Kindness is in vogue. Recently, I learned about caremongering, which according to BBC News was initiated by a cohort of Canadian Facebook groups. The collective made headlines at the beginning of the pandemic when more than 35 joined together to offer each other help in various forms; especially for those at high risk of contracting COVID-19. Group co-founder Valentina Harper described this idea as creating a “contagion of kindness.”1 This spurred a wave of altruism throughout social media around the world. Assistance ranged from proxy shopping and cooking meals, to deliveries and back-and-forth messages about supply availability at local stores. There was even one report from Spain of an exercise class for quarantined residents being held on their balconies.1

Kindness should be internalized as well, and is reflected by the self-care movement.2 During our relative isolation, we have learned the importance of maintaining our own health and wellness—especially in the face of unprecedented stress. This includes taking measures to ensure safety, re-evaluating priorities, letting go of non-essentials and seeking ways to relax. In relation, as Global Cosmetic Industry reported, from May 2020 to 2021, scent-centric wellness products to relieve stress saw major increases.3

This issue of C&T embraces several facets of the wellness space, starting on Page 42 with an novel approach to design fragrance that elicit happiness, a sense of energy or relaxation in consumers. In terms of safety, on Page 54, sultaines are presented as a safe, effective and sustainable surfactant option.

Well aging is also a major focus. On Page 20, we take a deep dive into internal and external mechanisms of aging and present nutricosmetic solutions to address them. A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)-inspired extract of Ganoderma lucidum (reishi mushroom) is explored on Page 32 to “reset” skin’s epigenetic clock. The sensation of touch to promote well aging is examined on Page 14. And, experts weigh in on holistic approaches to anti-aging on Page 18. We hope this month’s collection supports the wellness of your cosmetic R&D projects—and inspires kindness.

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Rachel L. Grabenhofer, Managing Scientific Editor

[email protected]

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