Trending: UV Protection via Drinking Water

As the trend for multifunctionality branches out, companies are looking for ways to bring multiple benefits to consumers through just one product. And as Mintel’s senior beauty analyst Charlotte Libby discussed in her blog post, the launch of a UV-protection water supplement has brought the trend for nutricosmetics back to life.

According to the post, “With the promise of summer around the corner, many will be stocking up on bottled water and sunscreen to safely enjoy the hot weather. Looking to combine these two summer essentials is a new sun protection product, Osmosis Harmonized H2O." She added that the product provides UV protection comparable to an SPF 30, and it is one of the first drinkable waters with sunscreen properties. The company claims that after drinking the water, "molecules vibrate on the skin in a unique way to cancel out 97% of UVA and UVB rays."

Libby noted that in the UK, only 37% of sunscreen users reapply sun protection often enough, which suggest that products making sun protection application more convenient can ensure people re-apply with enough frequency. "Keeping hydrated in the sun is a natural instinct, therefore smart waters containing SPF protection can hold appeal among sunbathers,” she wrote.

[Editor's note: Cosmetics & Toiletries was intrigued, and skeptical, of this concept and attempted to find an ingredient listing to better understand the product. At press, this list was not available. If the product can be procured, it will be covered in an upcoming "Read the Label" column.]

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