‘Selfie Beauty’ Pushing Trends in Personal Care

Euromonitor International released a video titled, “Major Trends Driving the Beauty and Personal Care Industry for 2014,” in which Irina Barbalova, global head of beauty and personal care research for Euromonitor, stated, “I think 2014 will be. . . about ‘selfie beauty,’ now becoming quite a common term. This is pretty much defined [as] the whole preoccupation of consumers about their image, their needs, and how they’re perceived in the outer world, specifically in social media. . .It means that innovation will have to be a lot more tailored, personalized and very much solution-based."

She noted, for example, that skin care is no longer just about anti-aging and wrinkles, but about skin perfection. Barbalova added, “Another important area is increased focus on experience and the emotive element attached to products. A lot of brands are already experimenting with novel packaging, application formats, novel formulations, scents and textures—but also, novel retail concepts all about how products engage and excite the consumer."

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