Hair Care Crossing Categories

Sharing insights from various international events, beauty analyst Imogen Matthews of Imogen Matthews Associates described her recent observations in hair care trends. New product development has focused on conditioners, which grew 38% between 2008 and 2013, a key aspect of which was hair oils. These typically target different issues—including damage, frizz and mature hair—and are adding a step to multi-step hair care routines.

Matthews also noted the scalp is seeing benefits from skin care technologies in hair care, and that anti-aging continues to be a growing hair care presence. Additionally hair serums and masks have been on the upswing, and ingredients such as proteins and vitamin E are increasingly being formulated into hair care. Color cosmetic influence in hair care is coming in the form of hair chalks, which offer vivid-but-temporary hair color. Also, fragrance—which has been part of hair care products for a long time—is becoming more branded in the hair segment, with signature scents from Chanel and the like coming through in hair mists and dry shampoos.

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