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Comparatively Speaking: Traditional vs. Non-traditional Natural Oils

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick discusses the differences between the structures of traditional natural oils and non-traditional natural oils.

Comparatively Speaking: Natural Oils vs. Man-made Glyceryl Esters

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick compares natural oils with man-made glyceryl esters, noting that natural oils are made by living systems using enzymes and are currently an attractive option for their sustainability.

Comparatively Speaking: Types of Flow Behavior

The following excerpt is adapted from an article by Kelly Dobos of Kao Corp. that discusses fluid viscosity of cosmetic products, specifically types of flow behavior, which can be used by the formulator to determine the rheological properties of formulations.

Comparatively Speaking: Alkoxylation vs. Ethenification

Industry expert Tony O'Lenick discusses the difference between alkoxylation and ethenification; for one, while the two are related, ethenification uses an ester as the reactant rather than alcohol.

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