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[podcast] What We Know About the Skin Microbiome

Contact Author Rachel Grabenhofer with Larry Weiss, M.D., CSO and Founder, Symbiome
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Larry Weiss, M.D., knows his way around the skin microbiome—at least, as far as the science permits. According to him, this journey has only just begun.


Weiss is the CSO and Founder of Symbiome, a manufacturer of microbiome-focused skin care. Prior to that, he was the Chief Medical Officer and Scientific Adviser at AOBiome. He also holds a medical degree from Stanford.

Here, we posed questions such as: Where is the cosmetics industry in terms of understanding the skin microbiome? And based on what we do know, what approaches could engage or support the entities therein?

He explains, in the following interview covering everything from the technical gaps and current approaches, to claims, possibilities and more. Listen now.

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