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[podcast] Stopping Sweat at the Source with a Model for Bioactive Antiperspirants

Contact Author Rachel Grabenhofer with Torsten Ertongur-Fauth, Ph.D., BRAIN AG
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What's the secret to stopping sweat at the source? First, you need to understand the actual source. That's what Torsten Ertongur-Fauth, Ph.D., of BRAIN AG, and colleagues set out to do. Their preliminary work on a biological model won them the Applied Research Award during the most recent IFSCC.


"Aluminium salts for antiperspirants are highly undesired," explained Ertonger-Fauth. "They cause stains and potential health risks but there are also not many alternatives." He added consumers want more natural solutions, which is why his team took a different route to stopping sweat—a biological one.

"We looked in the literature and saw there was not much known about how sweating works, so we stepped back to see what the biology was actually doing at a molecular level." They teamed up with dermatologists in Germany and together, identified a key ion channel whose activity enables sweat production.

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From this, a biological model was developed and Ertonger-Fauth believes this will lead to the development of bioactive antiperspirants. Hear more in our exclusive podcast:

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