Biotechnology Impacting Cosmetic Science: Altering the Way Cosmetics are Perceived

August 27, 2009 | Contact Author | By: Kostas Kostarelos, Farmeco Co.; and Lawrence A. Rheins, PhD, DermTech International
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Keywords: biotechnology | pharmaceutical | cosmetic science

Abstract: Today's cosmetics manufacturers and marketers are infusing their product portfolios with more "Biotech cosmetics" without being really conscious of their contribution to the industry's transformation.

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On Launching the Biotechnology Column
ON the 27th anniversary of the dawn of biotechnology, the worlds of biology, medicine and agriculture have been changed forever. The combined efforts of Herbert Boyer at the University of California, San Francisco and Stanley Cohen at Stanford in 1978 led to the first transgenic creation-E. coli bacterium containing the human insulin gene- introducting a new way of looking at and treating disease.