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Naturals, Zinc and Aluminum Safety in AP/Deo: Literature Findings

Hygiene is in the mainstream, and antiperspirants and deodorants are riding this wave to the top. Considering this, we offer the following brief literature review related to antiperspirants and deodorants.

Could Circadian Time Stamping Ultra-Personalize Care?

Korean researchers have developed a model based on machine learning and hair follicle cells to estimate an individual's circadian time. Their work was recently published in the Journal of Biological and Medical Rhythm Research.

Commensal Microbes Trigger Repair in Injured Skin

Research published in Nature Immunology reveals how commensal skin microbes initiate repair responses in injured skin.

Sytheon Patents Isosorbide Esters for Skin Diseases, Enters Derm Market

Sytheon has secured a patent for isosorbide esters to repair the epidermis and treat skin diseases caused by autoimmune imbalances. This marks its entry into the dermatology market through its sister company, Symbionyx.

Andean Otoba Wax Delivers Stable Nanoparticles, Anti-hair Loss Potential

Research published in Cosmetics describes the efficacy of Andean region Otoba wax to form solid lipid nanoparticles and deliver potential anti-hair loss efficacy.

Comparatively Speaking: Cosmetic Chemists as Patent Partners

Cosmetic chemists do not need to be patent experts but with a basic understanding of them, the chemist can advocate to the attorney to get the best patent from a technical point of view. This brief column provides some of the basics.

Study Reveals Hyaluronic Acid Dynamics in Skin

According to an article under review by the European Journal of Medical Research, hyaluronidase (HYAL) promotes wound healing and dose-dependently induces HA synthesis in skin; interestingly, at the lowest HYAL concentrations.

Synthetic Microbe Cocultures Could Uncover Quorum Sensing

Research published in Trends in Microbiology explores how synthetic biology could be used to study quorum sensing within the microbiome to eventually control this communication for desired skin (and other) benefits.

Glycolic Acid vs. pH, Jackfruit and Antimicrobial Peptides: Anti-acne Literature

If acne was not a major concern before COVID-19, it is becoming one now. Donning face masks affords protection but also has given rise to "maskne." In relation, we provide the following brief literature review on anti-acne research.

DSM’s Sunscreen Optimizer 2.0 Takes Eco Factors into Account

DSM Personal Care has updated its Sunscreen Optimizer for formulating sunscreens while cutting cost and time. The 2.0 version additionally considers eco-friendly factors.

Kao Identifies Occlusion as Key to Improving Lip Texture

Research from the labs of Kao Corp. has uncovered that a highly occlusive lip balm formulation comprising oil and wax greatly contributed to the improvement of lip roughness.

Words from Wiechers: Too Stressed to Age Properly

In this month's "Words from Wiechers" series, we learn about the metaphysics of aging, why some anti-aging products seem to work while others don't, and how a little stress in one's life could serve as an anti-aging mechanism.

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