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[podcast] Taste the Crunch: How Products Engage Consumer Senses

Crunching sounds can make food taste better. Heavier lipstick tubes impress a sense of luxury. How might product developers benefit from these signals? Find out in this podcast series.

[podcast] Next Steps and Future Psoriasis Care

"Right now, I'm sure CeraVe will use these results to take a look at what market forces are driving [patient] choices," explained Neal Bhatia, M.D., in this last in a three-part podcast series exploring psoriasis care.

[podcast] CeraVe, Ingredients and Psoriasis Relief

"Ceramides, urea and salicylic acid ... are all going to have a lot of impact on the disease process," explained Neal Bhatia, M.D. This second in a three-part podcast series explores the CeraVe brand, ingredients and psoriasis relief.

Patent Pick: Enlightened Luxury Cues in Skin Care

According to P&G inventors, key to imparting perceived moisturization with light aesthetics is a dimethicone fluid that provides the desired tackiness. This patent application explains.

[video] Tomonobu Ezure, Ph.D., on Shiseido's 3D Skin Scanning Tech

Ezure Tomonobu, Ph.D., of Shiseido, was recently honored for work on a means to visualize the individual components of skin. Hear more in this brief video interview.

Silab Study Reveals Microbiome Balance is Lost with Age

Recent Silab research has confirmed that with aging, the microbiome of Caucasian female skin becomes imbalanced.

How Hair ‘Smells’ Sandalwood to Reverse Baldness

Synthetic sandalwood is the key to hair growth, according to recent research that manipulates the scalp's olfactory receptors.

[podcast] A Closer Look at Psoriasis Care

"Psoriasis [has] never really had—not like atopic dermatitis—a dedicated product line," explained Neal Bhatia, M.D. This first in a three-part podcast series explores the differences in these skin conditions, and the market for compromised skin care.

Patent Pick: Lauder Rides the Infrared Wave with Indium Tin Oxide

Estée Lauder inventors are riding a new wave toward innovation: an infrared one. A new patent application explains.

Sticking it to Hair Damage: Delivery Duo Protects and Repairs Inside and Out

To adequately protect hair from damage, an efficient solution should offer not only high coverage externally, but also penetrate hair to impart reparative effects internally. The present study explores the ability of a dual technology to provide these benefits, as demonstrated via analytical techniques.

Could 'Mechanoceuticals' Drive Efficacy to New Depths?

A new force has magnetized the medical field; so-called "mechanoceuticals." Could they also benefit cosmetics?

Patent Pick: Lip-smacking Matte Maneuver

A new patent from Avon smooths out the wrinkles of comfortable, reduced-gloss matte lipstick formulas.

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