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Jojoba Desert Achieves Sustainability One Drop at a Time

Jojoba Desert has focused from the ground-up by using drip irrigation to cultivate its ingredient, JD Jojoba Oil, and reusing resources to create a green and eco-friendly habitat for wildlife.

Cities and Skin: Phoenix Best, Mumbai Worst

Chemberry revealed the results of a study in which 80 cities worldwide were analyzed for their external effects on skin. The study identified the best and worst U.S. and global cities for skin health.

Deinove, Sharon Labs Partner Toward Cosmetic Bioactives

Deinove partners with Sharon Laboratories in a Memorandum of Understanding to develop bio-based cosmetic solutions.

DSM Collaboration Brings Probiotic Technology

Royal DSM signed an agreement with S-Biomedic to bring probiotic technology to the skin care market aimed specifically for acne-prone skin.

RH During Sleep Affects Skin Condition

AmorePacific researchers published findings on how relativity humidity can affect skin during sleep. Results suggest controlling room conditions could be an approach to skin care.

Researchers Discover Skin Cancer Suppressor

Researchers at the University of Bath discovered a molecule that suppresses melanoma tumor growth that could help pave the way for skin cancer research and treatment.

Don’t Sweat It: Wearable Sensor Detects Wellness Indicators

National University of Singapore researchers have designed a wearable sensor that can read if the wearer is dehydrated, low on sugar or has a risk of skin infection just by detecting sweat. This sensor can be cost-effective and easily be attached to any smart watch to offer a personalized wellness assessment.

[podcast] Consumer Gaps, Waterless Forms, Bio-inspired Ideas and More in Hair Research

This podcast underlines opportunities for hair care product development, including unaddressed consumer segments, waterless products, concepts from the hair transplant and cloning communities, and more. Listen now!

[podcast] Anti-pollution, Genomics, Personalization and More in Hair Research

This podcast explores new directions in hair research, including anti-pollution and hair protection, the hair follicle microbiome, how genomics is changing what’s possible, personalized products and more. Listen now!

Findings Support Plasma-based Personalized Skin Care

Aesthetics Biomedical has published key findings in support of the benefits delivered by its SoME brand personalized skin care, which incorporates patients’ own plasma.

Biofilms and the Skin Microbiome: A 'Hot Spot' for Personal Care

At present, there are more questions than answers in skin microbiome research, but joint efforts help to forge partnerships and dialogue around innovative research, claims, marketing and regulatory questions—and identify new “hot spots” for exploration. As such, the present paper reviews current opportunities in biofilm research in the context of the skin microbiome, for product development consideration.

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