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Givaudan Launches i-MAPS Microbiome Profiling for Personalized Products

Every profile provides exclusive information about the bacteria present in the microbiome and correlates it to a skin type such as oily, dry, sensitive or aging.

Researchers Uncover Role of Exosome in Hair Growth

Scientists from SILAB and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research have uncovered a communication pathway between dermal fibroblasts and the dermal papilla that could stimulate the regrowth of hair.

Collagen Formation Found to be in a Lattice Pattern

A group of researchers from Japan looked to discover the structure of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin to further the understanding of the skin and treating it.

[video] Culturing Innovation and Next-gen Ingredients: On Location with Sederma

Eco-designed microorganism and plant cell culturing are the latest green processes employed to develop natural, sustainable cosmetic actives. In this video, Sederma took us behind the scenes to show us how these methods work. Watch now!

Patent Pick: Binding Agreement for Hair Repair

MIT inventors have filed for a patent on a newly identified molecule to help protect and/or repair damaged hair, and color hair without the use of harsh chemicals.

Film Festival Documentary Takes Aim at 'Toxic' Cosmetics

Not to discount the tragedies experienced by subjects of the film, but it must be stated that talc has never been causally linked to cancer. And pop culture is influencing reality.

Words from Wiechers: How Scientific is Cosmetic Science?

Academic versus commercial science are explored in this installment of our "Words from Wiechers" series. Here, O'Lenick reflects on Wiechers's view of science, additionally highlighting his omission of the end user's experience.

L'Oréal Research Confirms: Pollution Degrades Hair Structure

According to the authors, besides hair, these results also point toward possible detrimental effects in other human tissues.

Kao Connects Capillary Flow with Skin Condition

In research focused on physical functions in skin, Kao Corp. uncovered a link between the regulation of capillary blood flow and the condition of skin.

Damage, Undone: Subcritical Water-extracted Guayusa Holly to Boost and Soothe Skin

Ilex guayusa (guayusa) is a tree of the holly genus with high caffeine and theobromine content that exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. Using a novel water extraction process, a bioactive-rich composition was derived and tested for its ability to reverse barrier disruption and provide anti-inflammation protection.

Making Cosmetics Stick: Simplifying Skin Substantivity, Part III*

Higher substantivity can aid formulation efficacy by helping ingredients to better penetrate skin. This final column in a series dives into substantivity's role and uses when designing sun care, skin care and cosmetics.

Keratin Blend Anchors Follicles and Prevents Pollution-induced Hair Fall

Poor scalp health compromises hair quality. As such, the topical application of keratins was explored to increase collagen IV in the scalp skin. Live scalp explants were used to test this approach for improved follicle anchoring and, in turn, protection against environmental assault, hair fall and damage.

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