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Benzophenones, Parabens in Cosmetics Implicated in Endometriosis Risk

Work published in Environmental Research suggests that frequency of cosmetics use is a strong predictor of exposure to benzophenone and parabens, and that these compounds may increase the risk of endometriosis. Further studies are warranted.

Study Finds E. coli Could Produce Vegan Carmine

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society shows that E. coli can produce carminic acid, which holds potential for biosynthetic carmine for vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics.

[video] Cosmetic Victories 2021 Winner Profile: Sustainable Smart Delivery Capsules

Smart Delivery Capsules are based on green chemistry and carry active compounds to the stratum corneum. This innovation won the Industry Prize in the 2021 Cosmetic Victories competition. Read on to learn why.

Research Uncovers Fucoidan's Potential to Address Atopic Dermatitis

A study published in Dermatopathology found that two seaweed extracts can be used as topical agents to address atopic dermatitis thanks to their effects on gene expression, among others.

Inclusive Beauty: Making Cosmetics More Accessible for the Blind and for Visually Impaired Consumers

This paper reviews assistive technologies developed for the blind and visually impaired (VI) relevant to shopping for cosmetics, as well as applications and systems to enable the choice of products. It also reports the outcomes of a survey exploring the shopping and product use of cosmetics by VI and blind individuals, including qualitative data that suggests the use of cosmetics among this population could be encouraged in several ways, outlined herein.

Body Beauty: Insights into Non-facial Skin Aging

Anti-aging care has mainly focused on the face, neglecting concerns for aging skin on other areas of the body. This article reviews biological changes with age that occur in non-facial skin, for potential body care product development.

Quality Culture: Eliminating Microbes in the Cosmetic Manufacturing Gemba* (Part I)

Part I of a four-part series, provided here, gives an overview of relevant microbes and their growth conditions. While all proper manufacturing practices may be followed, microbes are still living entities that adapt to survive, finding pathways into products and causing spoilage, contamination or worse. These case studies can serve as a guide to address and prevent microbial contamination during production.

Urban Skin Rx Introduces the Melanin Experts

The Melanin Experts will provide awareness, advocacy and allyship to the BIPOC community.

Shiseido Study Shines Light on Radiant, Youthful Skin Perception

Shiseido has verified that facial skin radiance is perceived by others as an indicator of youth but notably not in the same way as oily or shiny skin.

[updated] Cosmetic Victories 2021 Finalist Profile: 'Touchy Finger'

"Touchy Finger" is an augmented and connected human finger designed to assess skin and hair feel. This innovation has earned its place as a finalist in the Cosmetic Victories competition. Read on to learn why.

Roundtable Underlines Diversity Gap in Dermatology, Medical Research

A report published in Practical Dermatology details a virtual roundtable discussion by dermatologists and industry executives underlining the lack of diversity in professional representation, clinical trials and more.

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