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Words from Wiechers: One-way Communication

Talking to our customers is a critical step. The most basic question is: What do they expect of a cosmetic product? Furthermore, educating them by communicating the science through journalists is critical.

Clean Beauty Decoded

The growing reality is consumers want brands and retailers to deliver products that are thoughtfully designed to have the least possible negative impact on human health, the environment and society—as they, the shopper, define it.

Lauder Findings on Sirtuins, Stress and Eucalyptus

New findings highlight the importance of sirtuins in skin cell activity, how they relate to environmental signals and circadian rhythm, plus the antioxidant efficacy of eucalyptus.

Obesity Shown to be Inversely Associated with Acne

While nutrition and acne often seemed linked together, recent researchers have discovered that it may not be in the way that we have previously believed.

[video] Defining the Relationship Between Bacteria and Skin

How does the microbiome relate to skin, and how can it be leveraged in personal care? This interview defines just that, with added insight on the skin microbiome trend.

Comparatively Speaking: Natural Oil Grades

The use of natural oils (triglycerides) is becoming more important for sustainable and biodegradable formulas but oils are processed in many grades. In this article, Tony O'Lenick explores their differences.

[podcast] Stopping Sweat at the Source with a Model for Bioactive Antiperspirants

Sweating is not exactly pretty but a new biological model could lead to answers for turning off this turn-off. Torsten Ertongur-Fauth, Ph.D., of BRAIN AG, explained in this podcast interview.

How the Skin Microbiome Softens UV Assault

New evidence suggests the skin microbiome may reduce the immuno-suppressive blow of UV on skin.

[video] Student Poster: Microbial Dynamics in Ethnic Hair Prostheses

How does the scalp microbiome differ in natural black versus prosthetic hair? Tater Hooks sought to find out; she explained her results in this video interview.

Youth in Yields: Jasmine Rice Extract Whitens, Protects and Smooths Skin

The profiles of the biological actives in rice differ during grain development; they are particularly high during the flowering phase. Here, a flowering jasmine rice panicle extract was tested for skin benefits and proven to be a safe and effective anti-aging active.

Microbiome Disconnect: Antibiotics and Dysbiosys, A Commentary

An important part of the skin microbiome is established within days of birth but the wide use of antibiotics during labor may disrupt the development of the newborn microbiome. Click through to our digital edition to read the future implications of their administration.

AI—Not a Goal, a Tool in Product Development

While its implementation may be on-trend, you have to identify the business purpose for using AI, according to Anastasia Georgievskaya, CEO and co-founder of Haut.AI.

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