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Theobroma Cacao for Skin Care Emulgels, Microemulsions

Research to be published in an upcoming Industrial Crops and Products explores the use of cocoa bean glycolic extract in microemulsions and emulgels in skin care.

Automating Cocoa Shell Pectin Hydrolysis and Filtration

A paper published in the book series Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies describes a method to automate the hydrolysis and filtration of cocoa shells to produce cosmetically relevant pectin.

Adipose-derived Exosomes Improve Wound Healing

A recent review published in Cell Proliferation examines the wound-healing efficacy of exosomes derived from adipose-derived stem cells.

400% Surge in Hair Loss Found in Minority Communities Post-quarantine

Board-certified dermatologists treating patients in Brooklyn and Manhattan recently reported a 400% increase in cases of telogen effluvium in predominantly minority, low-income communities after the COVID-19 shelter-in-place mandate.

Comparatively Speaking: A Commentary on 'Cleaning'

The recent "Comparatively Speaking" column on cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and sterilizing was well-received and generated a good amount of interest. One appropriate addition, described here, suggests that "cleaning" is more complicated than removing organic matter.

Credo and ChemFORWARD Codesign a Database for Chemical Hazards

Credo and ChemFORWARD have agreed to codesign a database for formulators, brands and others of chemical hazards and safe alternatives for ingredients and packaging.

INOLEX Patents Caprylhydroxamic Acid for Safe, Sustainable Preservation

INOLEX has been issued a patent for the use of caprylhydroxamic acid (CHA) and select diols as sustainable alternative preservation systems in cosmetics, personal care and pharmaceuticals.

Scalp Care 101: Biology, Conditions and Formulating Answers

The scalp is a unique part of the body that is both an extension of the face and often a concentrated area for hair growth. This article serves as a primer on scalp biology, potential scalp skin conditions and formulating strategies to maintain scalp health.

Targeting Unsaturated Fatty Acids to Reduce Scalp Inflammation—A Proposal

Some components in sebum can cause inflammation, irritation and other issues. Thus, their selective removal would mitigate risk while leaving beneficial components in place. The present article proposes such an approach by exploring the components that pose irritation risk, considering their removal feasibility and identifying an ingredient that could hold this capability: polyglyceryl-10 laurate.

Sytheon Validates Xerotic Pruritic Skin Topical Treatment

Published results demonstrated mechanisms by which isosorbide di-(linoleate/oleate) improves skin hydration and epidermal barrier function, supporting its application for the treatment of xerotic pruritic skin.

Shiseido Uncovers Macrophage Connection to Inflammaging

Shiseido researchers have uncovered a negative effect of macrophage imbalance in skin: inflammaging.

Scientists Discover Origins of Eczema and Psoriasis

Research from Newcastle University, the Wellcome Sanger Institute and Kings College London has uncovered the developmental origins of eczema and psoriasis, leading to new possibilities for treatment and means to research other inflammatory conditions.

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