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Patent Pick: Peppermint Anti-aging

According LVMH inventors, topical peppermint extract can be used to stimulate NOTCH proteins in skin cells, increasing the renewal of cells and thereby improving mature and dry skin.

Autophagy Loss Relates to Age Spot Formation

Autophagy is the body’s natural way of cleaning and regenerating damaged cells. Kao Corp. researched the decline of autophagy with aging and skin related to pigment spots as a consequence of photoaging.

Streamlining the Processing of Powder in Cosmetics

The unique triple shaft design of this new mixer aims to streamline powder phase processing.

Patent Pick: Fixating Fragrance

Fragrance in skin or hair care often makes or breaks a connection with consumers, and ultimately its sale. That's why P&G inventors are so keen to make scents that stick, as demonstrated in a recent patent application.

Acetyl Zingerone Prevents Dark CPD Formation in Skin

Cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (CPDs) are the latest target for anti-aging ingredients to prevent the skin damage that continues post UV exposure. To this end, acetyl zingerone was recently identified as an effective active.

[video] Oxygenated Tissues for Soft, Elastic Skin

What role could oxygen play in maintaining skin's youthful properties? Yoshihiro Hamanaka, of POLA Chemical Industries, explains, in this video interview from the IFSCC 2019 Conference in Milano. Watch now!

Shimadzu Partners with University, Establishes Plant Sciences Program

“We thank Shimadzu for recognizing Northern's innovative culture, our boldness in launching the medicinal plant chemistry program and the high quality of our faculty and students," said NMU president Fritz Erickson.

Chrysanthemum Blend Inhibits UVA Damage Post Exposure

Recent work published by Amway and Zen-Bio Inc. researchers shows that a chrysanthemum extract and ascorbic acid-2-glucoside blend reduces CPD production in melanocytes hours after UVA exposure.

Words from Wiechers: Dry Skin or Skin Cancer, is That the Question?

In this series installment, Wiechers advises, "Let’s do our science properly and completely before we come up with new claims and completely confuse ourselves, our regulatory bodies and our consumers." O'Lenick agrees; read on to learn more.

Why Preservatives? One Word: Consumers

A recent study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology serves as a staunch reminder of why preservatives are so crucial in cosmetics and personal care products: user contamination.

Indena Genetically Validates Bilberry Extract

Indena has genetically confirmed the content of its bilberry extract, assuring the material's traceability and authenticity.

In the Thick of It

How to select the right packaging and packaging equipment for your product’s viscosity.

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