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Study Reveals Adverse Shift in Skin Microbiome After Ocean Swimming

16S rRNA gene sequencing has revealed a detrimental shift in the human skin microbiome post-ocean swimming that raises the risk of infection. Results were recently published in Environmental Research.

Study Shows Promise of Longer Lasting Fragranced Products

These capsulation technologies can control fragrance release and enable the scale-up of profragrance fabrication.

5 Decades of Nutricosmetics: Amway Chews Over Clinical Studies of Carotenoids

Researchers from Amway, et al., have published an extensive review in Photodermatology, Photoimmunology & Photomedicine of 50 years of clinical studies exploring the skin protection benefits of carotenoid ingestibles.

Review Explores Skin Microbiome, Aging/Health Connections and Testing Challenges

A review published in Microbiome covers insights about the skin's microbial composition, its role in skin health and diseases, and its modulation by intrinsic and extrinsic factors; plus the challenges of testing these connections.

Research Marks Methylene Blue as Effective Coral-safe Sunscreen

Research suggests methylene blue could serve as an effective UV filter alternative to organic sunscreens alleged to cause coral damage.

Spaceflight Shifts the Microbiome and Skin Condition

The effects of spaceflight on the skin microbiome and structure, and subsequent changes in skin health, sensitivity and the onset of conditions are described in a recent review published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology.

Sino LifeScience Highlights Hyaluronic Acid to Speed Periodontitis Recovery

Sino LifeScience highlighted hyaluronic acid's tissue-healing properties to support the recovery of gum disease.

Quality Culture Part III: Bulk Production

This third installment in our four-part series provides real-life scenarios of microbial contamination that occurred during cosmetic product manufacturing—and the countermeasures taken.

Hand Sanitizer Update: COVID-19, Methanol, Benzalkonium Chloride, Testing, Regulation and Outlook

This article reviews what we have learned in recent months regarding COVID-19 and hand sanitizer formulation, adulteration, testing, regulation and more. It is an extension of the series debuting in late 2020, and provides an update of what we've learned and where we're (possibly) going.

Enhancing Hair Health: Effects of Oiling, Inside and Out—Part I

Hair oiling has been practiced since ancient times and has more recently piqued market interest. Its effects on physical, chemical and sensorial properties have been reported, which the authors review herein. This first of two articles views oiling for hair health from the surface; a follow-up piece will review internal structural benefits.

Lecythis Minor: A Major Resource for Skin/Hair Benefits and Social Progress

Natural ingredients have drawn interest not only for their beauty benefits, but also their potential to support social progress. This article describes paradise nut oil (Lecythis minor) responsibly sourced from Colombian biodiversity, which is shown to impart anti-aging and conditioning effects in skin and hair.

Amorepacific Discovers Genetic Skin Barrier Regulator, Lesion Connection

During a Society for Investigative Dermatology e-poster session, Amorepacific shared research uncovering the role of EGR3 in skin barrier functioning and its connection with compromised skin.

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