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[update] Kao Stirs Up Pleasure Centers for Beauty Benefits; Ingredient Suppliers Respond

"The pleasure is all yours" seems to be the cosmetic industry's latest message to consumers. Recent work from Kao Corp. and others, including ingredient suppliers, demonstrates.

Patent Pick: Orchid Extract Maintains ECM Integrity

Orchids have sprouted up among the latest craze for indigenous ingredients—first in medicine, and now, apparently, in cosmetics. A new LVMH patent explains.

[video] What the Moving Face Reveals about Age

POLA researcher Motonori Kurosumi explored how we perceive the age of others in moving vs. static faces. He touches on his findings in this video interview.

Cetyl Alcohol: A Multifunctional Addition to Formulators’ Toolboxes

Cetyl alcohol can provide emulsifying, thickening and conditioning benefits. This versatility, thanks to its structure and properties, described here, lends itself to a wide range of applications, including shampoos, sunscreens and lipsticks.

How Fast Can Mammals Detect Scent? New Study Confirms Results

Research conducted at the NYU School of Medicine has found that mammalian brains can identify scents more quickly than previously.

Patent Pick: Pumpkin, Shea and More for Elegant Occlusion and Care

GlaxoSmithKline inventors have their eye on occlusion as a mechanism to reduce skin dryness. Here, they look to oils, fats and waxes from pumpkin, shea and more for new tricks to improve topical treatments.

[video] Building Product Perceptions

Besides sight, scent is perhaps our most primordial sensory input. Here, Gabriela Daniels, of the London College of Fashion, explains a master's degree study on crossing sensory cues to elevate cosmetic product experiences.

Keep Calm and Smell Linalool: Study Confirms Anti-anxiety Link

Researchers believe that with this study that they can develop clinical applications for linalool scents in treating various anxiety disorders.

Study Shows You Can Turn Off Aging

A research group from the University of Alabama at Birmingham may have just discovered the scientific fountain of youth. Their test results show that aging is a genetic mutation that we might just be able to turn off.

Is an Acne Vaccine in Our Future?

Acne may not be life threatening, but it does impact the emotional stability of those suffering with it. That is why a group of researchers are working on creating an acne vaccine, and their findings have been published.

[podcast] Taste the Crunch: How Products Engage Consumer Senses

Crunching sounds can make food taste better. Heavier lipstick tubes impress a sense of luxury. How might product developers benefit from these signals? Find out in this podcast series.

[podcast] Next Steps and Future Psoriasis Care

"Right now, I'm sure CeraVe will use these results to take a look at what market forces are driving [patient] choices," explained Neal Bhatia, M.D., in this last in a three-part podcast series exploring psoriasis care.

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