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Patent Pick: Sulfate-free Pump Delivery

Procter & Gamble inventors focused on sulfate-free, high-foaming cleanser in a recent patent application. Read more in this overview.

Patent Pick: Wash Slip and Glide Back Into Hair

Beiersdorf inventors are targeting dry, brittle hair with a novel cleansing composition to improve slip and glide. Learn more from this patent overview.

[podcast] Naturally Targeting Biology for Skin Benefits

In this interview, Lucy Gildea, Ph.D., chief scientific officer of Mary Kay Inc., explains that specific natural ingredients can address hyperpigmentation and rosacea. Listen now to learn more.

Givaudan Research Fortifies Skin Microbiome Claims

With the skin microbiome on consumers' minds, Givaudan Active Beauty tested two ingredients for their microbiota-boosting performance.

Words from Wiechers: A 'License to Kill'

"Many patents are no longer filed to share our inventiveness...but just to prevent others from entering a market," Wiechers says. Instead, he encourages scientists patent findings in the spirit of the system's intent.

[video] Mycosporine-like Amino Acids Boost UV Protection

One way to improve SPF is to observe natural entities regularly exposed to the sun. In this interview, recorded at the IFSCC Congress, Marc Pissavini, Ph.D., describes a material inspired by coral to boost UV protection.

Mary Kay Names Vitamin C the Anti-pollution Answer

Vitamin C is good for more than fighting colds. According to Mary Kay research, it's also just what the doctor ordered for anti-pollution skin care.

L'Oréal and Alibaba Bring Mobile Acne Analysis to China

According to L’Oréal, this technology is the world’s first web app to analyze acne-prone skin and in China, 80% of young individuals are afflicted by acne. The new partnership gives Chinese consumers access to advice.

Patent Pick: Putting Corynebacterium to Work for Skin Care

According to inventors at Access Business Group, there remains a market opportunity to topically improve the skin microbiome and, in turn, skin conditions. A new patent application explains.

[podcast] Hair Cloning, Scalp Microbiome and Melanin Color Transcription

Regarding new hair research, "[One] trend, almost entering the “sci-fi” realm, is for hair cloning and transplantation, to regenerate hair in the dermal papilla cells," explained Gill Westgate, Ph.D., in this "Industry Insight" interview.

Conditioned Response: Fragrance's Cross-modal Effect on Sensory Perception in Hair Care*

This study compared the impact of two fragrance types on the tactile perception of dry, bleached hair treated with a base or enhanced leave-on conditioner. Sensory tests showed a fruity fragrance was most successful at imparting the perception of conditioned hair.

Antimicrobial Answers: Simplifying Skin Substantivity, Part II*

The relationship between antimicrobial effects and the substantivity of certain ingredients remains a question. This second column in a series explores the literature to define this relationship.

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