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[podcast] How to Catch Consumers: Cosmetic Players Need to Think Differently

Cosmetic manufacturers have used the same supply chain format for 30 years; but the consumer is shopping very differently. So, how can you catch up with them, in this new dynamic? Karen Young has some suggestions. And as she explains here, Beauty Accelerate is all about solving this equation.

Patent Pick: Powder Base Without the Cake

Topical base compositions have a tendency to cake. This poorly influences the in situ preparation of the product by the user, as well as its application experience. These challenges were the focus of Unilever inventors.

Kao Develops Selective-hydration Skin Care

Skin needs vary across body sites, with rough, dry patches in some areas and excessive sebum in others. In relation, a novel formulation from Kao based on a unique polymer enables selective hydration in areas that need it most.

[video] Student Poster: Alternative to HLB

Surfactant systems are at the core of many of today's modern cosmetic products. As such, knowing how to use them is crucial to formulating. Systems such as HLD, described in this video, can help.

[podcast] Mary Kay on Why Biology is Exciting for Product Development

Understanding biology, along with regulatory caution, data to guide project decisions, and investments in up-front research, are key to creating effective products. Mary Kay's Lucy Gildea, Ph.D., explains.

Cosmetics Move Sustainability Forward

The cosmetics industry is moving the drive for sustainable consumables forward. How? By talking about it; at least, that's one researcher's take on it. Read on to learn more.

Youth in Full Bloom: Red Poppy Extract for Under-eye Circles and Sagging

Papaver rhoeas extract from the seeds of field poppies demonstrates lipolytic activity and microcirculation effects. Here, it was tested in vivo for skin-firming properties and clinically shown to improve skin density, elasticity and firmness, as well as reduce dark circles and under-eye bags.

Practical Probiotics: Live Microbial Skin Benefits Without Limits

In order to maintain live bacteria in cosmetic formulations, preservatives must be omitted; this poses problems with handling, storage and safety. In response, these authors developed an ingredient to leverage the benefits of living probiotics without their formulating limitations.

The Role of Gut Health in the Formation of Acne

When gut flora becomes imbalanced it affects many facets of the body and especially affects the acne-prone.

Sunscreens May Release Metals, Nutrients Into Seawater

Sunscreen ingredients' impact on marine ecosystems is in the spotlight. Research in Environmental Science & Technology examines if and how sunscreens release various compounds into seawater, and their potential effects.

How Stressing Out Causes Skin Aging; and a Way to Reverse It

Not stressing out could be the best thing consumers do for their skin, according to new research; but if that's not an option, a secondary study has a different solution.

Patent Pick: Anti-aging Lip Illusion

Natura inventors have set their sights on the lips with an invention to blur a telltale sign of age: lip wrinkles. A new patent application explains.

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