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Sytheon Finds Synoxyl AZ Stabilizes Vitamin C Precursor THDC

When formulated with Synoxyl AZ, THDC is stablized, giving this vitamin C precursor higher skin efficacy.

Kao Finds the True ‘Biological Age’ of Skin

Kao has assessed variations in individual aging to estimate skin's “biological" age, rather than chronological age; assessments were made based on skin surface lipids-RNA.

Comparatively Speaking: Patent Application vs. Issued Patent

Published patent applications, unlike an issued patent, have not been approved for issue but are made public, releasing the quo before the quid. Learn more in this edition of "Comparatively Speaking."

Pumpkin Seed Oil: A New Option for Female Pattern Hair Loss

Pumpkin seed oil's ability to help decrease vellus hair and hair shaft diversity gives it great potential for use in female pattern hair loss treatment.

Words from Wiechers: Too Often, Too Hot and Too Long. . .

In this edition of Words from Wiechers, product developers are reminded that if consumers deplete natural moisturizing factor from their skin, e.g., via long, hot showers, they damage their barrier and increase the penetration of anything applied to skin; including mild cleansers.

Researchers Develop Facial Glycation Imaging Device

The in situ facial skin glycation index measurement device may become a valuable tool for studies on skin aging and anti-glycation cosmetic products.

Restore and Renew: Inula Helenium Powers Up Skin’s Anti-pollution Defenses

An Inula helenium extract was tested as described here for its ability to reinforce skin’s defenses and impart hydration and radiance. The skin is constantly challenged by environmental pollutants that accelerate skin aging.

Native Extracts Nabs New Zealand Distributor

The partnership with Pure Ingredients/Pure Nautre gives access to the supplier's products to local users in New Zealand.

Quality Culture Part IV: Filling and Testing

This fourth and final installment in our four-part series provides real-life scenarios of microbial contamination that occurred during cosmetic product manufacturing—and the countermeasures taken.

Collagen and Keratin Composites Improve Cellular Affinity

Keratin nanoparticles and their effects on fibrillogenesis in type I collagen were explored in a recent study published in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules.

Sytheon and Symbionyx Transform DMF to IDMF for Psoriasis Care

Sytheon and Symbionyx expanded research into isosorbide esters and uncovered isosorbide di-(methyl fumarate) (IDMF) as a candidate to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Shiseido Skin Visualizer Measures 'Beauty Circulation,' Ultimune Serum Supports It

Shiseido launched its over-the-counter (OTC) Skin Visualizer device to measure consumers' internal skin circulation in a touchless manner. Products such as the Ultimune Serum are then recommended by a consultant to support this "beauty circulation."

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