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Words from Wiechers: High-resolution Resolutions

As we use terms that have scientific meaning, marketing meaning and common meaning, we will always be confused as to which meaning is in use. Read on to see what O'Lenick and Wiechers have to say about this.

Illinois Bans Animal Testing for Cosmetics

Illinois has become the third state in the U.S. to prohibit the sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals. Read on for details and exceptions.

CVS Removes Controversial Sunscreen Chemicals from Store-brand Products

CVS store-brand sunscreen products will no longer contain certain sunscreen ingredients thought to damage marine ecosystems.

PCPC Sounds Off on US FDA's Sunscreen Proposals

Industry organizations worry that consumers may be deterred from using sunscreens—causing unintended negative health effects—due to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's recent sunscreen proposals.

FDA Warns CBD Company Making Unsubstantiated Marketing Claims

The agency has issued a warning letter to Curaleaf Inc., for illegally selling unapproved products containing cannabidiol (CBD) online. The company is accused of making unsubstantiated claims that the products treat cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and opioid withdrawal, among other conditions or diseases.

Phthalates Flagged for Endocrine Disruption

Having already made the REACh list of chemicals requiring authorization, four phthalates are now recommended by European legislators to be flagged as endocrine disruptors.

The INCI Name Game: A Commentary

When misinformed groups play in a technical space, nontechnically trained regulators make irrelevant rules, and INCI names are generalized and misused, you have the perfect storm for consumer confusion.

Imported Cosmetic Inspections Questioned by U.S. Congressman

A U.S. Congressman has requested data from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on its policies on cosmetic imports.

EU, Mercosur Strike Trade Deal More Than 20 Years in the Making

Per an EU statement the deal will remove the majority of tariffs on EU exports to Mercosur, which is comprised of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, as well as several associate members.

Diatomaceous Earth and Comfrey Root Catch the FDA's Eye

This is a good reminder for cosmetic manufacturers to be careful when straddling the line between a cosmetic and drug. It's all in the claims.

Into the Weeds: Walking the Regulatory Line of CBD in Cosmetics

There is no outright prohibition against CBD-containing cosmetics, but this does not mean hemp products will no longer be regulated. This article reviews the ins and outs of CBD cosmetic compliance as the current U.S. legislation stands.

Article sponsored by Ashland

Claire's, Beauty Plus Global Recall Certain Cosmetics After Asbestos Testing

The voluntary recalls are a result of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's ongoing testing for asbestos in cosmetics.

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