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[update] California Passes Bill Banning Animal Testing

California SB-1249, which successfully passed through the California State Assembly, is now headed to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown. The bill was passed after it narrowed its scope to include only products in which animal testing is a direct part of the supply chain.

China Streamlines Structure to Give Industry Easier Access

The new state market regulatory administration (SMRA) will oversee foods, drugs and cosmetics.

California Passes Label Law on Professional Cosmetics

The state of California has passed a new law mandating that professional cosmetics be labeled similarly to commercial ones.

SkinTrust Society Sets a New Global Standard

Because skin care products and cosmetics are not evaluated by regulatory or independent authorities—and are instead self-approved by individual companies—the SkinTRUST Society resolved to develop a comprehensive standard that requires product studies to substantiate both safety and efficacy.

Beraca to Assist Brazilian Biodiversity Sourcing with Integrated Service

Beraca’s Integrated Service will assist clients in developing products containing raw materials sourced from Brazilian biodiversity, as well as ensure compliance with the legal framework for Biodiversity Conservation in Brazil.

PFOA and PFOS: California's Next Chemical Targets

California's deadline for two pollutants of concern is looming, and cosmetic manufacturers are urged to become aware of any products containing them and to label accordingly.

ICMAD Releases Statement on Proposed California Animal Testing Ban

The bill would prohibit the sale of any cosmetics (final product or component) knowingly tested on animals after Jan. 1, 2020.

American Chemistry Council Supports Sustainability Bill

The bill would direct the president to establish an inter-agency sustainable chemistry entity to promote and coordinate federal sustainable chemistry research, development, demonstration, technology transfer, commercialization, education and training activities.

Natrue Surpasses 6K Products

More than 6,000 products worldwide now meet the Natrue label criteria. Natrue was founded by leading natural and organics cosmetics sector brands including Weleda and Levera.

Humane Society Voices Support for EPA Animal Testing Draft Policy

Titled Use of Alternative Approaches for Skin Sensitization as a Replacement for Laboratory animal Testing, the draft supports the use of non-animal methods for single chemical substances including pesticide active ingredients.

Brazil's Cosmetic Suspensions, Revisions to Youth Personal Care Regulations

Brazil's health surveillance agency announced the suspension of two cosmetic manufacturers due to manufacturing infractions. In relation, the agency approved an amendment to simplify the process of speeding youth personal care products to market.

ICMAD Releases Statement on EU Extra Duties

The extra duties, conceptualized in response to the Trump administration’s 232 tariffs, include cosmetics and personal care products.

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