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Croda Adds 15 Ingredients to its Halal Offerings

The ingredients, manufactured at the company’s Ditton site in the U.K., have achieved certification from the Instituto Halal de Junta Islámica.

Emollients Under Fire in the UK

A recent report by the BBC has consumers up in arms over the safety of emollient products; specifically those containing paraffin.

SCCS Deems Salicylic Acid Safe for Preservation and Cosmetics, Anti-acne Still a Question

Preservation, cosmetic ingredients and anti-acne care applications for salicylic acid were reviewed by the SCCS in its latest published opinion.

Back to Basics: Making Room for Regulatory Compliance

Developing a cosmetic product requires an extensive, multistep process. This article introduces a multiple-part primer of the cosmetic development process, and stresses the importance of keeping up with compliance protocols.

EU Plans Cosmetic Ingredient Glossary

A draft notification from the European Commission proposes making changes to existing cosmetic ingredient inventories.

Why We Should Shorten Cosmetic Ingredient Labeling

Several cosmetic companies have expanded their product ingredient disclosures to include fragrance ingredients. One industry veteran instead argues consumers might be served better by shortening them. Learn why.

China Edges Closer to Cruelty-free with Leaping Bunny Pilot Program

Bulldog Skincare and other Leaping Bunny brands will now be able to manufacture products inside China without facing post-market testing.

EPA Takes the Lead on Lead Exposure

In a recently published management plan, agency outlines its goals to reduce exposure to lead in cosmetics and consumer care products.

The Least Credible Claims in Skin Care

Trendy ingredients and claims may grab consumers' attention, but they need to be trustworthy in order to share shelf space with more classic skin care ingredients. A recent report explains.

Hemp Expected to Be Legalized in US, Sparking Market Growth

Experts predict that the move will make hemp a household name across industries and that manufacturers will rush to join the growing hemp/CBD market.

Pam Busiek Discusses Tariffs, Testing and More

The ICMAD president and CEO sat down with Cosmetics & Toiletries at BeautyPress Spotlight NYC.

Health Canada Links Talc to Ovarian Cancer, Lung Damage

A Health Canada preliminary screening assessment has flagged the ingredient as potentially harmful to health and has recommended its addition to the country's Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist. This alert comes after recent high-profile lawsuits concerning talcum powder and cancer diagnoses.

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