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China to Accept Animal-alternative Test Data Under These Conditions

Could the animal testing mandate for cosmetics be over in China? No. At least not yet. But under given circumstances, animal-alternative test data will instead be allowed, as well as abstracts of safety assessments.

FDA Reports 646 Voluntary Cosmetic Registrations in One Month

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported 646 cosmetic products were voluntarily registered in August 2020.

China Releases Draft Provisions to Protect Trade Secrets

China's State Administration for Market Regulation has released draft provisions for the protection of trade secrets. Comments are requested.

FDA Scrutinizes Food, Drink Packaging of Hand Sanitizers

Beer cans, children’s food pouches and water, juice and vodka bottles are among the types of consumable packaging being used for hand sanitizers and raising concerns with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

FDA 'Do Not Use' Hand Sanitizer List and Methanol, 1-Propanol Warnings

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a guide for consumers to explain the dangers of methanol and 1-propanol, and to search and find hand sanitizers on its "do not use" list; some 165 entries are on it so far.

Appeals to ECHA Board Rejected, Animal Tests Required for REACH

These decisions are among the most important taken by the Board of Appeal to date. The relationship between the information requirements in REACH and the marketing and animal testing ban in the Cosmetics Regulation have been an issue for years.

FDA Clarifies Executive Summary on Talc is Solely to Solicit Data

In response to concerns that the FDA's Executive Summary on talc could be interpreted as official recommendations, the agency clarified this summary is solely intended to solicit scientific information.

[video] Cosmetics R&D Vlog: Formulating Sanitizers By the Book

In this video interview, Cosmetics & Toiletries asked authors Bob Lochhead, Ph.D., and Margaret Lochhead, Ph.D., to weigh in on this temporary allowance and discuss why formulators shouldn’t take liberties.

Words from Wiechers: A Smelly Business

In this month's "Words from Wiechers" series, we focus on cosmetic regulation, risk/benefit analysis and public education as exemplified through the 7th Amendment to the European Cosmetic Directive and the mandate for fragrance allergen disclosures on product labels.

FTC Proposes Rule for ‘Made in USA’ Label Claim

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed a new rule to improve regulation around the “Made in USA” label claim.

FDA Raises Methanol Alarm with Import Alert; Adverse Events, Deaths Reported

The FDA has heightened measures to prevent toxic methanol-containing hand sanitizers from reaching the U.S. market. These include an import alert, more product warnings, recalls and a growing "do not use" list of products due to contamination and adverse health effects—including death.

China Follows CSAR Regulation with Two Added Draft Measures

Following the release of its final CSAR cosmetic legislation, China has rolled out two subsidiary regulation drafts, according to a report by ChemLinked. These measures clarify basic requirements for filing, responsibilities and more.

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