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UEBT Introduces Certification and Trust Mark

“What is new about the UEBT certification is that it encompasses a brand’s entire ethical sourcing system, validating that it has incorporated the requirements from the UEBT standard into its systems for sourcing and innovating natural ingredients,” said UEBT executive director Rik Kutsch Lojenga.

e.l.f. Gets a Lash-ing for Sourcing from North Korea

The beauty brand has agreed to pay nearly $1 million for importing false eyelash kits that, unbeknownst to the company at the time, contained materials sourced from North Korea.

ERI 360° Label Calculates Ingredient Sustainability Levels

The ERI 360° Label—or Eco Responsible Ingredient—helps cosmetic ingredient companies prioritize sustainability efforts by measuring and conveying the environmental impact of their products.

Key West Joins Hawaii in the Ban of Octinoxate and Oxybenzone

The Florida Keys will no longer allow the use of sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate. Does this mean California is next?

Beginner's Guide to Natural/Organic

The market for natural, green, organic and sustainable products and ingredients has exploded, bringing with it entrepreneurs who are new to this space. As such, this article serves as a beginner's guide to U.S. regulations and certifications that pertain to this segment, along with basic rules for product safety, microbiological testing, claims substantiation and more.

EU Regulatory Update: CTPA's Take on Claims and Cannabis

The first section of this CTPA update goes through new developments in cosmetic claims, especially those of the "free-from" and "hypoallergenic" nature. Keep reading for the state and future of cannabis as a cosmetic ingredient in the U.K.

China FDA Cracks Down on Cosmeceuticals

China's cosmetic market is likely to be rocked by policies that prohibit medical claims for cosmetic products, along with additional ingredient regulations.

US FDA Releases Report on Color Additives

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released is first quarter report for 2019 on certified color additives.

Croda Adds 15 Ingredients to its Halal Offerings

The ingredients, manufactured at the company’s Ditton site in the U.K., have achieved certification from the Instituto Halal de Junta Islámica.

Emollients Under Fire in the UK

A recent report by the BBC has consumers up in arms over the safety of emollient products; specifically those containing paraffin.

SCCS Deems Salicylic Acid Safe for Preservation and Cosmetics, Anti-acne Still a Question

Preservation, cosmetic ingredients and anti-acne care applications for salicylic acid were reviewed by the SCCS in its latest published opinion.

Back to Basics: Making Room for Regulatory Compliance

Developing a cosmetic product requires an extensive, multistep process. This article introduces a multiple-part primer of the cosmetic development process, and stresses the importance of keeping up with compliance protocols.

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