REACH-IT System Update Speeds Progress

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On Friday, Oct. 24, 2008, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) adjusted the REACH-IT system, which the agency reports has improved the performance of online and bulk pre-registrations. The REACH-IT portal was offline from Oct. 22-24 to allow for the upgrade. ECHA reports it will continue to monitor the performance of pre-registration over the coming weeks in order to guarantee that all companies intending to pre-register by the deadline of Dec. 1 can do so.

With more than half a million pre-registrations already in the REACH-IT database and the growing size of pre-SIEFs, within the last few weeks, the processing of pre-registrations and the addition of potential registrants into pre-SIEFs had slowed down, reports the agency. At the same time, the number of bulk pre-registrations waiting to be processed had been growing continuously. To speed up the processing of pre-registrations, the new version of REACH-IT omits the e-mail messaging system alerting existing pre-SIEF members of new pre-registrations. Pre-registrants can still see other members of their pre-SIEF by checking their pre-SIEF page in REACH-IT.

According to ECHA, this has considerably improved the processing of pre-registrations in ECHA. The number of bulk pre-registration files waiting to be processed has been reduced considerably; of the 1,400 in the queue before Friday, to only 14. In addition, 260 of the 476 files submitted over the weekend are also waiting to be processed. Should the new release not deliver sufficient performance improvements, ECHA will explore additional measures to ensure that companies can successfully pre-register on time.

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