ECHA's Forum to Inspect Formulators of Mixtures

The European Chemicals Agency's (ECHA's) Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement (Forum) determined, at its Dec. 8-10, 2009, meeting to focus the next joint REACH enforcement project on formulators of mixtures who are the first level downstream users in the supply chain. According to a report by the group, this project is a natural continuation of the ongoing enforcement project on manufacturers and importers activities.

According to the report, most mixtures are sold to article producers; however, a large number are sold directly to consumers such as detergents, paints and personal care products. The preparations of this project will begin early in 2010, and the on-site inspections are scheduled for 2011, after the first registration deadline.

The Forum reportedly will build on the experience gained through the first joint enforcement project, REACH-EN-FORCE1, which will be completed at the end of this year. Preliminary results indicated 850 inspections in total took place in 28 countries. Inspectors in the participating countries focused on the phase-in substances (existing substances) and checked whether manufacturers and importers had pre-registered or registered their substances. In addition, safety data aheets were inspected. A summary report of this project will be published in spring 2010. Member States enforcement authorities will continue inspections of manufacturers and importers in 2010.

The next meeting of the Forum is scheduled for May 8-10, 2010. For more information, visit


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