EU Regulatory Update on Beauty and Brexit, Plus Microplastics and Nanomaterials


From Brexit to microplastic activity and nanomaterials, this column provides an update on several key issues currently affecting the U.K. and European Union (EU). These issues will consequently have an impact on companies marketing cosmetic products in those areas.

U.K. Exit from the EU

The U.K. intends to leave the EU on Friday, March 29, 2019, as of press time. While I cannot offer any clarity on the political situation, I can provide some guidance and would urge companies to act now if they are marketing cosmetic products in the U.K. or EU market, or intend to do so.

From day one, following the U.K. Referendum in June 2016, the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (CTPA) has focused on the likely implications of Brexit for the cosmetics industry and has scrutinized in detail all aspects of the regulatory changes needed to leave the EU. The CTPA has been in frequent contact with U.K. regulators but crucially, discussions have also taken place at the EU level, through close collaboration with Cosmetics Europe, the European personal care association.

In order to reduce duplication of work in the future, the CTPA has been advocating for mutual recognition between the Competent Authorities in the U.K. and the future EU 27 member states.

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