European Union Update

After what seems like endless years of debate and changes, a compromise has been achieved, and the 7th Amendment to the Cosmetic Directive has been passed. There are many controversial changes, and we should all be prepared for these new regulations. They will impact all cosmetics sold in the European Union and most raw material suppliers. Further, dual labeling for both the United States and the European Union will become more difficult.

Animal Testing of Ingredients and/or Ingredient Combinations
The entire controversy and delay in passing this new amendment revolves around animal testing. The current regulations (the 6th Amendment) in Article 4(i) prohibit animal testing for ingredients and combinations of ingredients. The exact wording was: “ingredients or combinations of ingredients tested on animals after 30 June 2000 in order to meet the requirements of this Directive.” The 6th Amendment goes on to state that if alternative methods have not been scientifi cally validated despite all reasonable endeavors, these regulations may be postponed. This deadline was extended several times – the last extension ended on June 30, 2002.

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