Demystifying Cosmetic Science for Consumers

Cosmetic scientists know the headaches of alarmist groups and junk science. They reformulate products pulled them from shelves, spend millions on testing and more due to mistruths or miscommunication from would-be "experts." Joe Schwarcz, PhD, of McGill University, will explore why there is a need to demystify cosmetic science during the Cosmetics & Toiletries Summit. Where is the gap in communication? Why are consumers so easily misled? and can the industry regain their trust?

Schwarcz Biography

Joe Schwarcz is Director of McGill University’s “Office for Science & Society.” He is well-known for his informative and entertaining public lectures on topics ranging from the chemistry of love, to the science of aging. Schwarcz has received numerous awards for teaching chemistry and for interpreting science for the public, and is the only non-American ever to win the American Chemical Society’s prestigious Grady-Stack Award for demystifying chemistry. He hosts "The Dr. Joe Show" on Montreal's CJAD and has appeared hundreds of times on The Discovery Channel, CTV, CBC, TV Ontario and Global Television.

Schwarcz also writes a newspaper column entitled “The Right Chemistry,” and has authored twelve books including his latest, “The Right Chemistry,” all of which have made it on to the best seller list. Further, he is an amateur magician, and often spices up his presentations with a little magic.

Schwarcz was awarded the 2010 “Montreal Medal,” which is the Canadian Chemical Institute’s premier prize recognizing lifetime contributions to chemistry. In the spring of 2011, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from Cape Breton University. He also holds a previous honorary degree from Athabasca University. In November of 2011 the McGill Office for Science and Society received the largest gift ever in Canadian history ($5.5 million) from philanthropist Lorne Trottier to further its work in promoting scientific education and critical thinking.

About C&T Summit

The C&T Summit is an interactive two-day event, designed to spark innovation and inspire the creative utilization of science in cosmetic product development. It will be held June 22 and 23, 2015, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Featuring a high-level technical conference and hands-on, practical application workshops, the C&T Summit provides an experiential learning environment, aiming to transfer knowledge through participation. For more information on the program, sign up for our mailing list or visit

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