The Consequences of Physiological Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry has a long and proud history of using science to ensure the safety and efficacy of products. However, advances in research on the physiological interactions of products with skin, hair, teeth and nails have had many consequences. This will be the crux of a discussion led by Steve Barton, director of Skin Thinking, during the Cosmetics & Toiletries Summit.

Using examples from the UK, Europe and USA, his presentation will focus on ingredients and how to harness relevant findings of their activity, as well as claims that are successfully based on the physiology and that resonate with consumers—and sit easily with regulators. He also will address regulations, keeping pace in a highly inter-connected world, and the "other" regulators, i.e., consumers. This session aims to generate discussion and suggestions of if, and how, the consequences of cosmetic physiology can be better managed.

Barton Biography

Steve Barton is the director of Skin Thinking, a technical consultancy to the health and beauty sector, combining creative thinking with the fundamentals of skin biology for product development. He founded the company after nearly three decades in the industry, including four years as formulation development director at Oriflame, and 26 years as skin care scientific advisor at Boots and Alliance Boots.

In that time, he achieved commercial successes at Boots (No. 7, Botanics) and Oriflame (Ecollagen 3D+, Aqua-Rhythm); authored more than twenty peer-reviewed papers; and secured several patents for cosmetic formulations. He maintains regular contact with colleagues in the industry, including the UK Cosmetics, Toiletries and Perfumers Association; and the International Society for Stratum Corneum Research. He also is the newly elected incoming president of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists in the UK.

About C&T Summit

The C&T Summit is an interactive two-day event, designed to spark innovation and inspire the creative utilization of science in cosmetic product development. It will be held June 22 and 23, 2015, at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Featuring a high-level technical conference and hands-on, practical application workshops, the C&T Summit provides an experiential learning environment, aiming to transfer knowledge through participation. For more information on the program, sign up for our mailing list or visit

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