Independent Beauty Association Welcomes 6 Directors to the 2024-25 Board

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The Independent Beauty Association (IBA) welcomed six esteemed industry leaders to its Board of Directors for the 2024-2025 term. Per IBA, "This dynamic group of professionals brings a wealth of experience and a forward-thinking vision..."

The new directors and their areas of expertise include the following.

1. Andrew Shore

Andrew Shore, formerly of Moelis, now serves as an advisor bringing his extensive expertise in strategic growth and financial acumen to the IBA. His deep understanding of industry trends and market dynamics will be instrumental in guiding IBA’s strategic initiatives.

2. Debbie Perelman, Stripes Beauty

Debbie Perelman, ex-CEO of Revlon and currently executive chair of Stripes Beauty, joins the board with a legacy of transformative leadership in the beauty industry. Her strategic insights and innovative thinking will play a pivotal role in shaping IBA’s future.

3. Greg Chambers, Cosway

Greg Chambers, president and COO of Cosway, brings his robust operational expertise and leadership to the board. His experience in managing large-scale operations and driving organizational success will be invaluable to IBA’s mission.

4. Joshua Britton, Debut

Joshua Britton, founder and CEO of Debut, is known for his pioneering work in biotechnology. His visionary approach to spearheading the industry from petrochemical and cultivation to biotech will help IBA stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the beauty industry

5. Maggie Spicer, Source Beauty ESG

Maggie Spicer, attorney and sustainability advisor at Source Beauty ESG, joins the board with a strong focus on sustainability, supply chains and regulatory compliance. Her dedication to environmental and social governance will ensure that IBA continues to lead in sustainable beauty practices.

6.Tracy Kline, Blue Mercury

Finally, Tracy Kline, head of merchandising at Blue Mercury, brings her extensive retail experience and market insights to the board. Her expertise in consumer behavior and merchandising will help IBA better serve its members and the wider beauty community.

IBA stated, "The Independent Beauty Association is thrilled to have such a diverse and talented group of individuals leading our organization. [They] ... will be instrumental in driving our mission forward, fostering innovation and ensuring sustainable growth within the beauty industry."

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