Appendino Named Editor-in-chief of Fitoterapia


Professor Giovanni Appendino has been appointed editor-in-chief of Fitoterapia, a journal covering medicinal plants. Founded in 1924 by Indena, Fitoterapia is today co-published by Indena and Elsevier.

“I am grateful to Indena and Elsevier for giving me the opportunity to contribute in spreading interest in natural products and their medicinal applications to the widest possible audience. There are clear molecular, evolutionary and structural bases for the relevance of natural products in drug discovery, and Fitoterapia will take upon the task to bring them to the attention of the biomedical community,” said Appendino in a company press release.

Prior to his appointment, Appendino was an advisory board member for the publication. The international journal publishes innovative research on the chemistry, pharmacology and use of medicinal plants and their derivatives. 

Many papers in the journal are from researchers in emerging countries, according to the company. The journal provides the channel for bringing this knowledge to the attention of the entire international scientific community, while helping increase publication and funding of research in those countries.

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