L’Oréal USA Awarded for Girls in Science Program

L’Oréal USA was given the Friends of Education Award by the New Jersey Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (NJASCD) for its sponsorship of after-school science clubs and summer camps for girls, and its commitment to inspiring more girls to study science.

The award is presented at the NJASCD Annual State Conference and recognizes individuals or corporations that have played an important role in encouraging leadership or quality in education. L’Oréal USA’s For Girls in Science program partners with Invent Now to provide out-of-school science enrichment.

The award was given to L’Oréal USA for providing girls, grades 1-5, with the opportunity to engage in hands-on, inquiry-based projects that enrich their understanding of science and promote creativity, discovery, teamwork and inventive thinking. The For Girls in Science program also partners with Lawrence Hall of Science for hands-on, interactive curricula and activity development, and with other leading professional science organizations with the goal of inspiring and engaging more girls in science and math disciplines.

The program is a regional complement to L’Oréal USA’s national Fellowships For Women in Science program, which annually recognizes five postdoctoral female researchers with prestigious fellowships. In addition, this year L’Oréal celebrates the tenth anniversary of its international partnership with UNESCO in the global For Women in Science program. As part of this program, the L'ORÉAL –UNESCO For Women in Science Award annually recognizes and honors the career contributions of five eminent women researchers in the life and physical/materials sciences, and the UNESCO-L'ORÉAL International Fellowships provide 15 young women at doctoral and postdoctoral levels with grants to conduct ground-breaking scientific research.

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