Azelis UK Appoints Managing Director

Joan Traynor has been named managing director of Azelis UK. In her new role, Traynor will be responsible for the company's UK operations including Chance & Hunt (including Brown & Gillmer), S. Black UK and Broste UK. Prior to her appointment, Traynor was managing director of Chance & Hunt.

Traynor joined Azelis when Chance & Hunt was acquired by Azelis in 2002. She will lead the combined UK organization beginning on Oct. 1, 2009.

Neil Barry, former managing director of S. Black UK, will now focus on his role as international business director for the company's personal care division. He has been serving as both the managing director of S. Black Ltd and the international business director of Azelis personal care since S. Black joined the Azelis Group in October 2007.

The appointment is part of the company's strategic reorganization program designed to achieve significant growth targets.

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