Summit Events Combines Anti-aging and Sun Care in New Conference

Summit Events has brought together its two successful skin conferences, the Sun Protection Conference and the Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference, to be held at once for the first time in Asia. The International Sun Protection and Anti-Ageing Skin Care Conference Asia will be held July 9-10, 2014,  at the Hilton Singapore.

The Sun Protection Conference has been held biennially in Europe since 1993 and attracts a gathering of senior professionals interested in all aspects of sun protection. Also, the Anti-­Ageing Skin Care conference has been held in London since 2008 and is attended by experts in skin care products testing and development.

This combined event will involvet those in sun protection and anti‐aging skin care development, testing and claims substantiation and will include R&D managers and directors, dermatologists, marketing and product managers, retailers of sun care products, regulatory affairs personnel, formulation chemists, product evaluation scientists, research scientists, raw materials suppliers and suppliers of sun product and skin testing apparatus.

The two day conference will present and discuss the most recent advances and topics in sun protection and anti-­aging technology, testing methodologies, claims substantiation and regulations worldwide and in Asia. Topics will include prevention of skin cancer by influencing sun protection behaviour; vitamin D, sun exposure, sunscreens and diet; mechanisms of photoageing of skin; proteomics in skin ageing; use of stem cell and gene expression technology in anti-­aging approaches to skin care; regular sunscreen use and the prevention of photoageing; update on ISO test methods for sunsceen products; novel test methods for assessing anti-­aging effects of skin products; best practice in supporting advertising claims for anti-­aging skin care products and regulations worldwide for sunscreens. Speakers are of international reputation and include scientists, regulators, sun protection specialists, dermatologists, national regulatory authorities and product developers from the sun care and skin care industry.

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