TRI/Princeton Presents Porous Material Course

TRI/Princeton will hold a three-day porous materials course on June 10-12, 2009. "Porous Materials: Fundamentals of Wetting, Penetration and Flow"  will include several lectures given by TRI staff members Ilya Tyomkin and Gerardo Callegari. In addition, three guest lecturers will compliment the program. This course will focus on the fundamentals and principles that govern and explain the interactions of fluids with fibrous and other porous media. The content of this course has industrial application in numerous fields including but not limited to absorbent products, biomedical materials, clothing comfort and protection, composites, fibrous materials, food products, hygiene products, ink-jet technologies, paints and coatings, papers, filters and membranes, pharmaceuticals, polymers, and wipes.

Konstantin Kornev, PhD, a former employee of TRI/Princeton, now an associate professor for the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Clemson University, will speak extensively on the basics of wettability. Kornev is an expert in Hele-Shaw flows, flows through porous media, phase transitions in forced flows, flow and rheology of complex fluids, and micro- and nanofluidics.

Robert E. Cohen, PhD, professor, department of chemical engineering, MIT, will give a lecture on his work that has recently been published. His talk will cover Lotus Leaf-inspired Nanotechnology as featured in Scientific American in August 2008, and his research on biomimetic surfaces as covered in National Geographic in April 2008.

David Linton Johnson, PhD, scientific advisor and program manager of the sensor physics department at Schlumberger, will also give a lecture on his recent work. He is responsible for various linear and nonlinear borehole acoustic projects and remains active in research on properties of granular or porous media.

In addition to this course, TRI/Princeton will offer a number of continuing education courses in 2009-2010, including another course on Essentials of Porous Materials, to be held in Atlanta, immediately following INDA’s World of Wipes 2009 Conference.

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