BSB Awards Raw Material and Cosmetic Innovation

BSB Beratungs und Servicebüro Dr. Riedel (Dr. Riedel Consulting Services Agency) awarded innovation in the personal care industry at in-cosmetics on April 16, 2008, with its annual BSB Innovation Prize. The company has been giving the award for six years.

The award for most innovative cosmetic product went to Isabelle Ducray, Dr. Rimpler for Surmer Eye Contour Cream Nano-Remodelizing. The runner-up was Kneipp for Milchbad Zauberzart, a moisturizing bath product. The most innovative raw material concept winner was Mibelle Biochemistry with PhytoCell. The second place winner was PhytoGABA by Doosan followed by Preparami by Alban Muller.

The functionals/recipients award was given to Codif for Hydrasalinol followed by SymClariol and SymMollient with second and third place, respectively. The winners were determined by two independent, international juries. The jury for the category most innovative raw material concepts comprised Sven Munke, PhD, of Unilever, Sven Gohla, PhD, of LaPrairie Group, Wolfgang Irrgang, PhD, of Mibelle Cosmetics, Rainer Lange, PhD, of Johnson & Johnson and Alfred Markwetz, PhD, of Procter & Gamble. The jury for most innovative cosmetic product included Angelika Meiss of COSSMA, Ute Amice of Seppic, Birgit Haemel of S&D Chesham, Joachim Degwert, PhD of SIT and Robert Fischer of SOFW. For more information, visit  


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