Silab Creates Scientific Foundation

Silab has created the Jean Paufique Corporate Foundation to support fundamental research and applied research in the fields of diagnostics, prognosis and the treatment of dermatologic pathologies such as skin cancers and to foster young talent. The foundation is named after the company's chairman, Jean Paufique, who wanted to involve his company in a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility.

The foundation will be directed by Thierry Cruchon, general director of Silab. The foundation's board members include representatives of the staff of Silab, scientific experts from outside the company and opinion leaders in the field of dermatology research. For the choice of scientific themes and the selection of candidates and their research work, the board will utilize a science council comprising internationally renowned scientists.

The foundation plans to award  theses with the most promising results and provide financial support for research to assist the work of doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers or research teams. Themes supported in 2007/2008 include human cutaneous carcinogenesis: pathogenic mechanisms, clinical aspects and therapeutic applications.

Profile of candidates and selection criteria should include: the candidate’s proven scientific abilities and interpersonal skills, relevance of the research subject in relation to the proposed theme, innovative nature of the project, scientific value of the work presented, and impact on research into skin diseases and practical applications. The winners will be officially announced in June 2008.

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