Online Study Shows Women's Beauty Buying Preference

An online study by Benchmarking Company has reported the slightly over half of beauty consumers are faithful to their brands, women would rather buy multipurpose products and samples help lure them into other brands. The company conducted a 30-minute online survey of nearly 2,200 women ages 18 and older titled Survival of the Prettiest: Face and Body Skin Care.

According to the company, 75% and 69% of the participants had a favorite skin care brand and bath and body brand respectively. Out of th 75% and 69%; however, only 59% and 45% reported that they were faithful to that brand.

The online survey asked the women why they strayed from their favorite brands, resulting in many women saying they were just tired of the brand or it no longer worked for them. Those women who strayed from their brand reported that samples helped cross them over.

When the company asked participants why they chose particular brands, many reported that they would pay more for additional benefits, research and organic and natural claims. Most of the women, nearly 90%, reported that they would rather buy products that are multipurpose or all-in-one. For more information, visit

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