Online Course Troubleshoots Color Cosmetics Formulation

SpecialChem has created an online tutorial for those experiencing problems in formulating color cosmetics. Color Cosmetics Troubleshooting will take place on Sept. 11, 2007, and will be presented by Nick Morante, a consultant in the cosmetics industry who previously spent nearly 30 years at Estée Lauder.

Attendees will learn how to use different colorants in cosmetics. They will also get to know what different procedures and equipment to use to make, test, and evaluate the color cosmetics that they put together. As part of the troubleshooting portion of the course, questions will be answered such as: What if the product does not come out as anticipated What went wrong? Where and when did it go wrong? Was in an ingredient? Was it in the manufacturing procedure? How do I fix the problem?

The course will include a 60-minute presentation segment, after which there will be a 30-minute open question and answer period for attendee questions and problem solving. This session will be presented by Nick Morante, cosmetics expert. The outline for the course is as follows:
Online Presentation: 60 Minutes
Provide insight as to the many methods of problem solving and troubleshooting.
Show specific instances where products don’t come out as expected.
Show problems that can exist with powders, lipsticks, emulsions, etc.
Provide simple “fixes” for some common color cosmetic problems.
On-line question and answer session: 30 minutes

According to the organizers, attendees will learn what can go wrong with cosmetic products. They will reportedly also learn what happens when pigments are not ground properly, and will be taught to select equipment to guarantee product consistency. For more information, pricing and times, visit

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