NY SCC Suppliers' Day: Highlights from Day Two

Continuing its live report from day one of the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NY SCC) Suppliers' Day, here Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine presents a few highlights from day two of the show, including color technology launches, naturals and preservatives, among others.

Gelest launched hydrophilic amino acid treated pigments for improving conditioning in color cosmetics. Skin Friendly (SF) Pigments are said to coat pigments with hydroxyproline, a component of collagen that provides the skin and hair with moisture retention, firmness and elasticity. According to David Dick of Gelest, this treatment can be customized for different substrates.

Also in the color category, Rona launched Ronastar Golden Star, an inorganic gold effect pigment that is reportedly suitable for color cosmetics and skin care. This pigment is a combination of calcium aluminum borosilicate, titanium dioxide, silica, iron oxides and tin oxide. With a particle size of 20 μm to 200 μm, it lends high-covering, glittering gold accents to cosmetic formulations.

And besides color, Kemin launched its personal care division with five natural products that crossed over from its food and pharma divisions. Among them were a natural emulsifier derived from soybeans; three natural extracts from marigold, rosemary and spearmint; and a natural preservative derived from soy. The water-soluble preservative, MicroCurb (INCI: Propionic Acid), is reportedly effective against Gram positive bacteria in addition to mold and yeast and is recommended at 3%.

While the trend for natural and more eco-friendly ingredients at this year's show may come as no suprise, innovations in the color category beyond the launch of a new shade are less common and therefore worth noting, especially considering the regulatory hurdles for which they are being designed to address.

As Suppliers' Day 2011 closed, exibitors and attendees alike left feeling confident that the industry has survived the economic downturn, as evidenced by the continued innovative ingredient launches, which ensure an even better future.

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