Reminder for Emulsion Congress Abstracts

Abstract submissions for the World Congress on Emulsions are due in just a few days on Nov. 15, 2009. The congress has occurred every four years for the past 15 years to bring together researchers, formulators and producers from universities and industries involved in work on emulsions.

Attendees will include professionals from industries such as agri-food, cosmetics, road, pharmaceuticals, paint, ink and detergents. Following the abstract submission deadline of Nov. 15, 2009, the authors of selected abstracts will be notified on Dec. 31, 2009.

Abstracts must be submitted on the event's Web site  and must include: the name of the presenting author; the author's mailing address; the abstract title in all capital letters; theme and topic chosen; the text of the abstract with a statement of pupose,, case history if appropriate, methods used and a summary of results in 1,800 characters or less including spaces; the author's e-mail address; and a list of co-authors.

Although English is the compulsory language for abstracts and papers, Spanish and French are optional.


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