CTFA Discusses Nanotech and REACH

The CTFA 2007 Legal & Regulatory Conference is going on now in Savannah, Georgia. The conference presents a host of topics affecting the personal care products industry including chemical regulation, nanotechnology and corporate sustainability.  On April 26, 2007, the conference focused on the environment, as many case studies were presented on how companies are going green. In addition the Environment Protection Agency's Climate Leaders Program was showcased to show the industry how to combat climate change. Bruce Moore of the EPA's Office of Air Quality Management and Standards discussed the EPA's national consumer products VOC rule and implications of the rule from the compliance perspective.

Legal experts were also present at the conference to discuss nanotechnology and electronic discovery. This morning's theme was on how computer's store data. Later topics include global chamical regulatory initiatives such as REACH and the Canadian "hot list" chemical review, the European Union legislative process, functional cosmetics, and issues relating to foreign business and scientific process outsourcing.

For more information on the conference, visit www.ctfa.org.

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