ParticlesCIC Offers Course On Powders

The Industrial Centre of Particle Science & Engineering has changed its name to ParticlesCIC. The centre has also announced a new course, Particle and Powder Characterization. The course will run Apr. 26-27, 2007, and is, according to the centre, relevant to industrialists using, producing or handling powders and particles in industry and those who need to know how to define, measure and use particle properties for quality assurance, improvement and processes and develop new product formulations and processes.

The course reportedly is of particular interest for those involved in industries such as pharmaceutical pigments, detergents, cosmetics, nuclear, plastics, food and general chemicals industries.

The centre reports that it is focused on particle and colloid engineering and is a unique combination of world class facilities and research knowledge brought together to create innovative solutions to industrial problems. For more information on this course and other ParticlesCIC courses, visit C&T magazine's events calender.

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