Sun Protection Conference Announced


Summit Events Ltd. has released the itinerary for the 9th International Conference titled Sun Protection: Myths and Reality. The conference will be held on June 6-7, 2007, in London. According to the organizer, the event will provide an understanding of the major current issues and the information needed to develop, test and label products for today's markets. The conference will also attempt to dispel the myths and misunderstandings in sun exposure and protection.

The views of many of the world's sun care scientists and professionals will be presented at the conference through such topics as: the impact of the ozone layer changes on sun exposure; damage and repair versus protect and care; the optimum quality and level of sun protection from topical preparations; the global standardization explosion of sun protection measurement; and inter-laboratory variation of SPF measurements; among others. For more information, visit C&T magazine's event calendar.

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