in-cosmetics Focuses on Desire

In-Cosmetics will explore sexual desire as part of the second edition of the feature in-focus. Last year, in focus Amazonia attracted interest from visitors and exhibitors, according to the company. The feature, therefore, was chosen to run again at the event. In-focus Aphrodisia reportedly will explore sexual desire and ways of stimulating sex appeal within the beauty industry.  The feature is also reported to engage the five senses, using fragrances, colors and textures.

According to the company, the theme for the feature was chosen based on increased prevalence of sex in cosmetic marketing. The Dior Addict campaign was specifically referenced by the event. In focus Aphrodisia will take the theme and give it a modern spin with contributions from 15 cosmetic companies within an environment dedicated to the senses.

The event claims that the goal of the feature is not to follow a trend, but rather to revisit and reinvent the erotic nature of cosmetics and reaffirm their function beyond the pursuit of well-being (through toiletries and spa) and health (through nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.) Some of the themes will include the awakening of the five senses through fragrance, colors and textures, erotic recipes, and formulating the molecules of pleasure and desire through the exploration of neuro-chemistry.

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