Wacker Introduces Silicone Emulsion Without Emulsifiers

Wacker has launched a silicone emulsion that  does not utilize emulsifiers, creating a new category of water-based impregnants. Wacker HC 303 VP, according to the company, imparts a hydrophobic surface to products.

Water-based systems and hydrophobation have not gone hand-in-hand in the past, mostly because of the reliance on emulsifiers as stabilizers.  The emulsifiers stay in the impregnant film, impairing the hydrophobic effect. Wacker's new ingredient reportedly provides a silicone film that repels water and other aqueous liquids. The company reports that product to be clear, colorless and odorless.

The company will display its new silicone emulsion at the 53rd  SEPAWA Congress held in Germany.

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