Waterless Foam from Foamix


Foamix Ltd. has introduced a waterless foam vehicle for the delivery of water insoluble and water-sensitive dermatological drugs. The main ingredients in the carrier, according to the company, are propylene glycol, glycerin and polar solvents, which reportedly enhance delivery of active agents while providing skin hydration.

"Foamix accomplished its objective to be the first to develop a new type of hydrophilic waterless foam vehicle," said Foamix CTO Doron Friedman, Ph.D. at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Controlled Release Society.

According to Foamix, specific, delicate, FDA approved non-ionic surfactants and polymers were chosen to induce the foaming action. The company conducted a series of accelerated stability studies, using a broad spectrum of corticosteroids as well as non-steroidal active agents. It was reported by the company that the foam vehicle proved stable in all cases.

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