Beiersdorf Annual Meeting

Beiersdorf AG held their Annual General Meeting on May 17, 2006 at the Congress Centrum in Hamburg. Presiding over the meeting was CEO Thomas B. Quaas who opened up by giving a report on annual and consolidated financial statements for 2005.

Quaas also spoke of the successful transition to the “new” Executive Board in addition to divulging into the future strategic plans for the Beiersdorf Group. The realignment of the Consumer Supply Chain, the significant reduction of Working Capitals, the sale of BSN medical, and the performance of the Consumer Business in the world market were also covered by Quaas at the meeting. An exhibition of Beiersdorf brands was also available at the annual meeting.

The exhibition has been available in previous years and provides the opportunity for visitors to learn about the brands that Beiersdorf offers.  Beiersdorf presides over such brands as Eucerin, Nivea, Curad, and Labello.

Quaas’ full speech is available for download at

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